Fernandina Beach

Master Bedroom View

Every year, my husband and I try to take a mini-vacation for our wedding anniversary, and the past few have been great, so this year we opted for a week-long oceanfront stay down in Florida, at Fernandina Beach/Amelia Island… Really, what else can I say about it then it was perfect.

Fort Clinch

Fort Clinch Pier

I love Florida (except the mosquitoes, ugh), and I especially love coastal areas ♥ Fernandina has some great parks, including Fort Clinch. We spent a lot of time here, exploring the wooded trails and checking out the insane, half-mile long pier! We tried walking down it, but it was super hot and sunny out that day, and I might have gotten a little freaked out by the whole thing.





But while I find long piers reaching into the ocean pretty freaky, cemeteries are another story- I love them! We enjoy visiting old, historic cemeteries, and came across Bosque Bello Cemetery one day while aimlessly wandering. It was fascinating, tremendously beautiful and well maintained, and had some serious history, with graves dating back to the (very late) 1700’s, and Josh even spied a Revolutionary soldier’s tombstone while we explored.


We had a really fantastic time, I think Fernandina had just the right amount of stuff for us to do, see, and explore without ever feeling like ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’, especially since we stayed for nearly a week. Sometimes being away from home can be a little too much, you know? I was missing all our furry children the first night even, but you know, I survived.

Sea Oats

Maybe Poe can come with us next time ♥

Simplicity 1426


This past weekend was full of crafting! I wanted to do it all- spinning, knitting, weaving, gardening, you name it, it was on my bucket list, but with a limited amount of time, I decide to go with some sewing 🙂 I had this cute top (Simplicity 1426) in my pattern box, and figured I’d give it a try using some stash fabric.

I tried out tailor tacks for the first time, and they’re totally perfect for handling darts and pleats! I do wonder who patterns (made by the big pattern companies) are supposed to fit, though- the bust fit fine, but the band itself was far too short! I ended up adding on a few extra inches to close the gap. I also find the pattern instructions are usually a bit more frustrating then they need to be, for this one it was the halter straps… I ended up foregoing the instructions for sewing them up partially and attaching them. I made a few yards of double fold non-bias tape, and attached them from the back edge and around the front.


In the end it was a fun project with a wonderful result! This will be a fun top to wear to summer events, and I’m looking forward to making more of these, hopefully with a partially-elastic back in the future 🙂