Pink Speeder

Fall has finally hit us, in full swing no less  The temperature has dropped dramatically, and I’m so happy for it! Hot chocolate, snuggles by the firepit outside, and of course, cozy handknits.


Thankfully, I very recently finished a sweet pair of socks. I tried two-at-a-time for the first time, and I really enjoyed it- having a completed pair of socks at the end was just- amazing! I can’t imagine knitting socks any other way now.


The yarn is Twist Sock from Hedgehog Fibres– the color is a from a club she offered last year, and the name is Kitch  I love it’s bubblegum color! I’ve really come to love BFL fiber, especially for socks, and I’m so happy I ended up using this yarn for this project.


I think I chose the perfect pattern for this color- simple and easy, that’s how I’m loving variegated yarn. The pattern is Speeder, by amippa  It was an absolute joy to knit, and great ‘auto-pilot’ knitting , with a wonderful new-to-me heel. Just simple increases and decreases make up the heel! So brilliant in its simplicity. I really look forward to knitting this pattern again. I had some difficulty with the purl stitches being on the edges while knitting these TAAT, so I ended up shuffling stitches around to ease my troubles.

I’m so happy I finished these in time for fall- I’m wearing them right now, while I sip my favorite toasted marshmallow hot chocolate  Cozy cozy!

Fig Preserves


I’m really pleased with how this photo came out! Our co-worker Jenny lives on a farm, and right now their fig tree is in season and is going crazy! We just so happen to have this yarn from Squoosh Fiber Arts called “Fig Preserves”- how perfect! I love how closely the colors of the yarn match the figs  I’m dreaming of fall now, too, with these warm, autumnal colors… I know it will be here in no time, but I’m ready for cooler weather!

Things I Love – First Edition

I’ve always loved coming up with these types of lists, just a general round-up of things I was really impressed with! With so much out there, it can be tough to narrow it down, so I’m going to start off with focusing on stuff found on Ravelry!


It seems like I’ve gone a little sock crazy! 

Cornflower’s Pin Stripe Socks – I love the bright colors of the Hedgehog Fibres sock yarn she used! Those pops of color really stand out with the slipped stitch design of the sock pattern~

knitterstar’s The Science of Stripes – Striped thigh high socks?? I just love these to pieces! And check out the back seam detail, these are so cute!

missblane’s Speckled Space Socks – This is an original design by missblane, and I can’t wait for her to release it! She is one of our customers, and is just so sweet  I love the mix of textures she used, plus the yarn color- Quasar from Western Sky Knits 

Smarti22’s Winter Snuggle Socks – Another ESK knit night-er!  I wish I had had this idea when we got our shipment of Hedgehog in- she knit these using their Merino Aran base, so they’re super squooshy and perfect for the cold.

I’m ready to cast on a million pairs of socks now 

Black Locust Mitts

I originally designed these mitts last year, but wanted to take my time really cleaning up the pattern and getting great photos taken- I’m finally ready to release it to the world! Introducing my first published pattern- Black Locust Mitts!


They are just the easiest things to make, these mitts. I started and finished this pair during a short jaunt to Hilton Head Island. If you are an experienced knitter, you could easily finish them over a long weekend, making them great for last-minute gifting! But these are easy enough for even the newest of knitters.


I love variegated yarn knit up in smooth stockinette, and also simple mesh, so I chose an incredibly simple pattern to feature throughout- the columns of stockinette are not even really stockinette, just a clever combination of k2togs and ssks, with a single knit stitch nestled in between! The pattern is really easy to memorize- just two simple rounds to keep up with!


Many thanks to my hand model Emily- I see a new career in her future!


I hope you’ll enjoy my new pattern– it can be easily modified for shorter (or even longer!) cuffs and palms, and would look just a lovely knit up with a solid or semi-solid yarn. I used about half a skein of Malabrigo Arroyo ♥

Not-So-Selfish Crafting

One Skein Cowl

I wouldn’t call myself a selfish knitter, I’m really just not into making things for other people, y’know? I never feel like I have to make a Christmas crafting list in June in order make gifts for every friend and family member, it’s just not my thing. If I see something that strikes my creative fancy, and I just so happen to I think of a specific person, then I trust that instinct and go for it… Which is how this cowl came into existence!



While doing my daily four-hour-trawl of Ravelry a few days before Christmas, I came upon this One Skein Cowl by Little Doolally, that had been crocheted in the ever-so-delightful Malabrigo Worsted, in a color adore, and instantly was struck- “I need to make this for Sharice”. Never mind the fact that I am not really a great crocheter, or that I rarely see Sharice, and I’m sure she has never ever requested a cowl, I needed to make this and I needed to make it for her. Divine inspiration and last minute creativity/panic are the sort of feelings I live for.



In my mind, I can make anything in a few hours, no matter my level of expertise (or lack thereof). So of course, this actually took me a few weeks, and quite a bit of cursing as I have yet to figure out where to place stitch markers in the beginning of a round in crochet- I’m sure it’ll come to me one day, but I just rolled with the stitches for this project.

Anyway, this pattern- I’m in love with it! I am totally obsessed with the puffy cluster stitches and Malabrigo Worsted is perfect for them. I know lots of people dislike single ply yarns, but honestly I think this pattern really shines with a single! This really was quite a simple project, and economical as it only takes one skein of yarn (I made pom poms with the leftovers, and used them as decoration on the gift wrap), and it truly makes a great gift. I can’t wait to make more… maybe 2016 will be there year everyone will receive a cowl!

Lonely Fairy Shawl

When I received this lovely lump of fiber from Fiber Stash, it nearly took my breath away. Absolutely dreamy, the colors are just so perfectly me, with just a hint of sparkle throughout the fiber. Instant Love.

This was a true joy to spin, honestly I didn’t want it to end! I used my Ashford Traditional, and once I was finished with the singles, I decided to ply it with an iridescent thread- Sulky Sliver in 8040, the perfect opalescent. Seriously, I didn’t realize I could fall more in love with something, but damn, I want to ply everything with this thread now! But as a quick note to myself- when I try thread wrapping in the future, I want to try spinning a bit more twist into the singles~

It took me about two months to decide on a pattern for this special yarn. I am very wishy-washy when picking out patterns for yarn, you know? It has to be just right. In the end, I decided on Sylvia Bo Bilvia’s Lonely Tree Shawl!

The leafy lace pattern gets a bit lost in the shifts of color, and honestly I knew going in this would happen, but I still wouldn’t change it for the world (and also because it would probably take me another three months to pick out a different pattern)!

I really freaking love that sparkle! ♥