Pink Speeder

Fall has finally hit us, in full swing no less  The temperature has dropped dramatically, and I’m so happy for it! Hot chocolate, snuggles by the firepit outside, and of course, cozy handknits.


Thankfully, I very recently finished a sweet pair of socks. I tried two-at-a-time for the first time, and I really enjoyed it- having a completed pair of socks at the end was just- amazing! I can’t imagine knitting socks any other way now.


The yarn is Twist Sock from Hedgehog Fibres– the color is a from a club she offered last year, and the name is Kitch  I love it’s bubblegum color! I’ve really come to love BFL fiber, especially for socks, and I’m so happy I ended up using this yarn for this project.


I think I chose the perfect pattern for this color- simple and easy, that’s how I’m loving variegated yarn. The pattern is Speeder, by amippa  It was an absolute joy to knit, and great ‘auto-pilot’ knitting , with a wonderful new-to-me heel. Just simple increases and decreases make up the heel! So brilliant in its simplicity. I really look forward to knitting this pattern again. I had some difficulty with the purl stitches being on the edges while knitting these TAAT, so I ended up shuffling stitches around to ease my troubles.

I’m so happy I finished these in time for fall- I’m wearing them right now, while I sip my favorite toasted marshmallow hot chocolate  Cozy cozy!

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