Things I Love – First Edition

I’ve always loved coming up with these types of lists, just a general round-up of things I was really impressed with! With so much out there, it can be tough to narrow it down, so I’m going to start off with focusing on stuff found on Ravelry!


It seems like I’ve gone a little sock crazy! 

Cornflower’s Pin Stripe Socks – I love the bright colors of the Hedgehog Fibres sock yarn she used! Those pops of color really stand out with the slipped stitch design of the sock pattern~

knitterstar’s The Science of Stripes – Striped thigh high socks?? I just love these to pieces! And check out the back seam detail, these are so cute!

missblane’s Speckled Space Socks – This is an original design by missblane, and I can’t wait for her to release it! She is one of our customers, and is just so sweet  I love the mix of textures she used, plus the yarn color- Quasar from Western Sky Knits 

Smarti22’s Winter Snuggle Socks – Another ESK knit night-er!  I wish I had had this idea when we got our shipment of Hedgehog in- she knit these using their Merino Aran base, so they’re super squooshy and perfect for the cold.

I’m ready to cast on a million pairs of socks now 

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