Lonely Fairy Shawl

When I received this lovely lump of fiber from Fiber Stash, it nearly took my breath away. Absolutely dreamy, the colors are just so perfectly me, with just a hint of sparkle throughout the fiber. Instant Love.

This was a true joy to spin, honestly I didn’t want it to end! I used my Ashford Traditional, and once I was finished with the singles, I decided to ply it with an iridescent thread- Sulky Sliver in 8040, the perfect opalescent. Seriously, I didn’t realize I could fall more in love with something, but damn, I want to ply everything with this thread now! But as a quick note to myself- when I try thread wrapping in the future, I want to try spinning a bit more twist into the singles~

It took me about two months to decide on a pattern for this special yarn. I am very wishy-washy when picking out patterns for yarn, you know? It has to be just right. In the end, I decided on Sylvia Bo Bilvia’s Lonely Tree Shawl!

The leafy lace pattern gets a bit lost in the shifts of color, and honestly I knew going in this would happen, but I still wouldn’t change it for the world (and also because it would probably take me another three months to pick out a different pattern)!

I really freaking love that sparkle! ♥

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